How To Add More Space To Your Closet

How To Add More Space To Your Closet

The top complaint people have is that they never have enough space in their closets! It’s a common thing in apartments, townhomes, houses and condos, especially when space in minimal as it is. While you can always get rid of things you don’t want anymore to make more room, another great option is a hanging organizer! This nifty closet accessory allows you to hang a few items on its racks, allowing you to make even more room in your closet for things like shirts, pants and more. The vertical nature of a hanging clothes organizer from Pursfection allows you to stack more things in your closet than you would with traditional hangers.

Use It As A Pants Hanger

The Pursfection Pants Hanger & Wardrobe Organizer is the best solution for anyone with lots of pants in their closet. Not only will it hold up to 10 pairs of pants vertically, but it also perfectly organizes them so that you can see which ones you own. And since the clothes organizer features bars that flip up, you’ll always have easy access to any of the 10 pants hanging on it! With 10 pairs of pants out of your way, your closet will now have a ton of free space for your other clothes.

A Clothes Organizer That Lasts

Unlike other clothes organizers, Pursfection’s option isn’t made with cheap materials so it won’t break with the weight of all the pants or clothes you hang on it. It’s made using sturdy metal construction, so it’ll hold up even your heaviest pants! You can hang it over closet bars with its swivel hanger option or use its two brackets to hang it over your closet door, so you have even more flexibility on where to use it. And if something does happen to it by chance, it has a 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

The Best Hanging Organizer For All Your Needs

Even if you don’t use it for your pants, the wardrobe organizer by Pursfection is great for other things like ties, folded tees, jeans, leggings or anything else you can fold over and hang on its anti-slip rubber sleeves. Once you try one, you’ll want to buy a few for all of your pants and clothing, which will help you make room for even more clothes. Your closet will look neat and organized with this awesome hanging clothes organizer!